arrow UpCOMING EVENTS 2016

March 6: DRCBA Auction

April 16: DRCBA Spring Show

May 14: ARBA Meaford

May 29: DRCBA Schomberg

June 4: ARBA Brooklin

June 12: Millbrook Fair

July 2: ARBA Komoka

August 14: DRCBA Peterborough

August 27: DRCBA Barrie

September 3: DRCBA Orangeville

Sept 11: DRCBA Orillia

Sept 14: DRCBA Sunderland

Sept 17: DRCBA Bracebridge

October 10: DRCBA Erin

November 13: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair


puceDownes Rabbitry

How it all started:

Downes Rabbitry started in the small village of Kendal, Ontario in 2001. One female bunny, a friend of my mother's gave to me, to look after her and her impending litter. After that it just kept growing. I have gone from 1 female bunny living in my parents house to a small rabbitry of about 25 bunnies and I am now focusing on showing Holland Lops.

I am dedicated to the health and wellness of my bunnies and do not breed unhealthy stock. I put the health of my does before profit. I look for experienced homes for bunnies that do not make suitable breeding rabbits.

I seek out healthy bunnies that carry specific traits I want to pass onto their kits. For this reason not all of my bunnies have pedigrees. Since 2010 I have really started refining my herd into the quaility of rabbits that make great pets. I plan to continue this with my future stock as well as starting to show my rabbits in the spring of 2014.


Please Note:

I do my best to keep this website updated, however, the bunnies do come first and sometimes the website and updates get delayed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly. I am usually very good at responding to emails quickly. Please put "Bunny Inquiry" in the subject line of the email so I know to answer you right away.

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Thank-You and I hope you enjoy looking at my bunny pictures!

Alisha Downes, RVT